Tauna Pierce

Tauna Pierce

Organic Southern Freelance

Tauna is an Interpretive Naturalist with a background in veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation. Her work has an organic focus on homesteading, sustainability, gardening & general free thought.

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Concerning Eco-Grief and the World as She Should Be

Are we doing the best we can? For each other, our loved ones, and the Earth we share?

Herbs windowsill header article

Herbs in Your Windowsill: The Garden that Keeps Giving

Growing herbs indoors is an excellent way to enhance existing garden pursuits and experiment with different varieties most suited to your needs. It's a rewarding winter activity for gardeners who miss summer tending, and a gratifying way for first-time growers to discover their green thumbs.

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Fun Facts about Backyard Wildlife

Here are 20 fun facts about a few of the wild things that live here in the Southeast - some even live in your own backyard!

Potted herbs header article

Grow Edible Plants Indoors for a Year-Round Garden

An indoor garden can exercise your green thumb all year long — and liven up your home, too!

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We All Wish on the Same Stars. Searching for the Dawn of a New Day.

I try to keep a positive attitude, I really do.

Most days I can accomplish this simply by breathing, by looking into the sky, by sharing a conversation with a friend. I believe, way down in my bones, that the world is full of beauty and that the human inhabitants are aware of, and worthy of, that beauty.

But then there are other days...

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Rattle the world until the windows shake

Maulana Rumi said “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” His words were inspiring in the Persian Empire and they remain so today.

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The beneficial buzzard: Clearing the air about vultures

I am a vulture lover, all the way down to my bones. But let’s face it, vultures get a bad rap. I sometimes forget that most people do not share my respect of these birds. In fact, most people really dislike, and more importantly, they tend to misunderstand these amazing animals. I am convinced though, that once you learn a little more about these truly unique, interesting and amazing birds, your opinion of these “Ghastly Gourmets” will change forever!

Association of np rangers article

A voice that cannot not be suppressed

Former Director of National Park Service Speaks Out

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6 Non-toxic Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Happiness is Homemade — and the secret ingredient is love.

Succulent garden header 01 article

Succulent Savvy Gardening: Creating A Unique Look Indoors or Out

Succulents are remarkably distinctive plants that provide originality to any home, patio or garden. With more than 10,000 varieties of succulents in existence, there are options to suit anyone's aesthetic taste, interest level and space requirements.

800px homeless on benchwiki article

Mallory Feeds the Homeless

Every Saturday, Mallory Kidwell — a high school student from the quaint town of Peachtree City, GA — bundles up and leaves her warm home in the silent, dark hours of the morning. After a long week of studying she knows she could curl up under the covers and sleep in a few extra hours, but instead she gets up and heads north into the cold Atlanta streets.

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Concerning Public Potties & What’s In Our Britches

Everybody seems to have an unusual, and sort of creepy, obsession about people’s bathroom habits lately. So let’s clear up a few misunderstandings about how people “do their business” when they are away from the privacy and safety of their own homes.

Food insecurity header article

Food Insecurity and the Atlanta Community Food Bank

A general definition of the word “security" is to be safe from danger, fear or anxiety. Feeling secure is a basic human desire – we all want it in our relationships, our jobs and our homes. And, whether we realize it or not, we all want to feel secure in obtaining healthy sustenance for ourselves and our families.

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Do we really “support our troops”?

Prayers and parades aren’t enough. Here are some actual ways to make a difference for our Soldiers and Veterans:

Via simon murphy article

Bob Dylan — Profound, prophetic & a little bit magic

Some of Dylan’s songs wear dusty overalls and walk around with busted knuckles and bare feet. Others, often surprisingly, show up in formal wear with a pocket full of change — the kind that can purchase open ears in blue collar neighborhoods as well as in political arenas.